Broke and unemoployed

Since the end of February I’ve been unemployed and very broke. So broke that I haven’t paid rent or bills since end March. Goodbye credit rating, hello blacklist.


One thing I have noticed though is how people have plenty of advice and directions. “Have you looked on this website and that website and that website over there.” “Have you applied there and for that and that over there.” “You can’t go out or do anything because you’re broke.” (No shit)

My favorite is how people just expect you to ask for money from family. Because it’s that easy or they have money to give. (Which they don’t) I have one “friend” (internet acquaintance) in Australia who thinks I should just become a prostitute. Because that’s easy to do. It’s not. I could never do what those ladies do. I just don’t have it in me.

I’ve been going to a few interviews, however it’s difficult, largely due to that I’m not very good with interviews and also my cv has mostly short term jobs on it, so people are skittish. But I shall persevere. Keep applying for jobs on this website and that website and that website over there. Apply for this job and that job and that job over there.

Until such time I find a job and can become a contributing member of society again. And of course pay my 2 months outstanding lot of bills. Though beer will be first on the list.



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