Empty Promises

empty-promisesSince I had to leave CT in Sept 2013 due to events of no job, no flat and my relationship ending and nobody able to help me out. And my father and sister unwilling to help me out. I went and spent 2014 in the Eastern Cape with my mom. All I heard from “friends” were; “Come back to Cape Town”, “We miss you”, “Come back” and blah blah blah.

Now I’ve been back since Oct 2014 and where are those “friends” now? *listens to the crickets chirp* Granted, only a select few knew I was back, however those select few have been quieter than a church during prayer.

I go to Gardens once a month to fetch my prescription from the pharmacy and that’s the only time I see people because I let them know I’m coming. Nobody has visited me as yet. They have said they will, promised to, but yet, not a car has been heard, nor a doorbell rung.

Then I went and broke my leg. They know about it. But again….”Aw, that’s terrible, we’ll come visit, we’ll take you out”. Still waiting……..Then it was my birthday….two people showed up. Thanks. Apparently I’m not important enough anymore now that I’m not living in another province anymore. And another suburb is considered to far. Well excuse the fuck out of me for coming back to Cape Town and not being able to live back in the CBD. Sorry for the inconvenience of living in a suburb and not driving to town to come visit you. OH WAIT….it was all of you who said come back, we’ll visit, we’ll take you out with your broken leg….even the sister who was all upset that I didn’t tell her I was back….haven’t heard or seen a word from her since she was here for my birthday.

Empty promises, the lot of them!



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