Malema’s apology

So Julias decides 3yrs later to apologize…something that should have been done before he even opened his mouth about something he clearly knows nothing about. (women)

Between Julius and Zuma’s
comments regarding that incident they did massive damage.
Not only did they set women’s rights back by 10 years. Zuma set the HIV/aids fight back as well. Him and his freaking shower.

It is extremely hard to get the message across that women are not objects. That women should be as respected as their male counterparts.

It is just as hard to educate people out there about safe sex and taking HIV/aids medication. Especially in a time where garlic was considered a cure. Then rape of a virgin was a cure and so it goes on.

Then our now president goes as says he took a shower to prevent transmission and its her fault for wearing a short skirt.
Then the youth leader, the man who is supposed to lead the new generation (who is to old to even be considered a youth) goes and agrees with him!
And calls women tea-ladies, as well as, basically saying women enjoy getting raped. Nice.

They are supposed to be building a great country, but instead they break down basic human rights and the education of HIV/AIDS we helped create. (I say we, because I’ve been one of those educating counselors)

As far as I’m concerned Julius can take his apology at shove it up his fat, thieving ass. And the president can go with it.


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