none of your business!

So there I am today, sitting in a public place working on my laptop, minding my own business when a woman I don’t know sits down next to me. (I was sitting at a restaurant bar)

Next thing I know she’s leaning in and practically has her nose pushed up against my screen. So being the polite person I am, I say can I help you? She, who I’ve now established is not as polite, says “nice computer, how much did you pay for it?” I was so shocked that the first words out of my mouth were “excuse me?” I was sure I must have heard wrong. Apparently not, because she asked again.

Now don’t get me wrong, if I knew who the hell you were I’d have no problem, but shit, I don’t even know your name! Little personal don’t you think? I felt a little violated. It’s like walking past a prostitute and the first words out of their mouth is “looking for a good time?”

Now this isn’t an isolated incident. More than once I’ve parked my car at the shop,which is right by the taxis and more than once a driver who’ve I’ve driven with once or twice before I got a car also will ask: “is it your car?”

Again being the polite person I am I say yes.

Their response? “oh its nice is it new?”

If by new you mean, did I just get it, then yes.

And then there it is. “how much did you pay for it?” seriously? You know me well enough to ask me such things? You don’t even know my name!

And I’m sorry for sounding wrong, but this is SA. How do I know you don’t want to know, so that you know how much to sell it for after you steal it?

Now the polite part of me will never say “its none of your business” however the part of me that knows how to manipulate your brain and throw the conversation off course will ensure that you never get an answer.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think its polite to ask how much somebody paid for their house, car, computer etc if you don’t know them. I mean it can even be impolite if the person isn’t a close friend.

So I will continue to politely and manipulatingly decline answer while thinking “how impolite”, “to ask is in bad taste” and “it’s none of your business”.


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